Monday, August 22, 2011

The Explosion of the Hormones

Everyone always talks about the out of whack hormones that pregnant women experience.  I thought this was limited to the random bouts of crying that I had been experiencing.  I mean honestly who breaks into full out sobbing when the song "Knee Deep" by the Zac Brown Band comes on?  But, then again this is coming from the girl who breaks into full on sobs when even mentioning the movie Menace to Society.  I mean honestly the guy was just trying to save the little boy who was riding his Big Wheels and he gets killed anyways.  And yes, I am bawling like a baby right now.  Damn Mark for making me watch that movie!

Besides these random crying spells, I haven't been too haunted by the rage of the hormones or at least that is what I thought until Mark made the big mistake of questioning my choice of crib bedding.

On Saturday, we went to Babies R Us because I have been begging him to go for quite some time now.  We need to get the nursery painted soon and in order to do that we need to choose a bedding set, so we can coordinate the colors accordingly.  I had been diligently searching the web for the last three months looking for the perfect bedding set.  Let me tell you, that was quite a chore as it seems they don't really make neutral bedding choices.  But, after spending over forty hours looking for the perfect set, I had finally found the one that I liked the best at Babies R Us.  I wanted Mark to see it in person, (I had shown it to him before three times on the website), before buying it because I wanted him to be involved in this process. 

Well, we get to the bedding section and I proudly show him the bed set that I had spent grueling hours searching for.  His response, "What the hell is that?  Can you get anymore dull and boring?"  Although the steam was building up inside of me, I tried to keep it at bay and asked him which bed set he liked better.  He pointed to a dark blue set with a huge giraffe on it.  "That one is nice.  I mean shouldn't it have animals on it or something cool to look at?"  For the record, the set I choose had a super cute giraffe mobile set that went with it.  I told him that I thought his choice was a little too boy.  Mark's response, "Well that could help increase our chances right?"  I was done.  The steam was exploding out my head and I'm sure I looked just like one of those cartoon characters with their heads half way off their body and steam poring out of the deficit. 

I turned on my heels and hightailed it out of that store faster than you can say, "Pissed off Mama."  Mark, who has a quick fuse and is a yeller, followed me, yelling at me for being overly sensitive and unable to take his suggestions.  I kept on marching out of that store, tears blurring my way, sunglasses lowered over my eyes and an angry pep to my step.  Mark followed like a puppy dog, yapping away.  The ride home was not a PG-13 event, so I will bypass that.  Let's just say that I now understood what hormones people were talking about and I'm sure Mark did too.

You may wonder what bed set we ended up going with. The answer is mine of course.  I went out Sunday morning and bought it first thing.  I also found the paint color that coordinates perfectly with it.  Although I normally would never get something that Mark didn't agree with, let's just say the hormones made me do it. 

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