Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"You're Starting to Show"

Today I got my very first, "You're starting to show" comments from someone besides my hubby (and for the record he's only made that comment once after I grilled him on whether I looked any fatter or not).  It left me glowing for the rest of the day because it was said by a co-worker I consider to be a friend and not by some random stranger (that would freak me out).

I know a lot of pregnant women who love to have people comment on their bellies and take great satisfaction out of random store clerks and waiters commenting on their impending bundle of joy, but frankly I'm not one of them.  If I don't know you or if I know you, but not your last name, then don't even think about making a comment about my tummy.  It ain't any of your business and it's kinda creepy (unless the other person is pregnant because all pregnant women get cut some slack in my book and we're all in the same club together).

I like my privacy.  I like people not knowing everything about me, which is why I have enjoyed not looking pregnant for so long.  As that is changing because my belly obviously doesn't feel the same sacred need for amenity as I do, I'm dreading the future comments.  Let's just hope that store clerks, acquaintances and waiters keep their mouths shut because I'm more than willing to say the hormones made me do it if I happen to be found strangling some mouthy stranger.

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