Thursday, September 8, 2011

25 week appointment

So yesterday I had my monthly appointment.  I have never been to the doctors so much before in my life, but I guess when you're pregnant it becomes like a second home for you of sorts.  I now can recognize almost everyone in there and feel a sort of camaraderie with them.  This of course is just how I feel because I know most of them can't tell me from David.  Oh well, I secretly enjoy my now found familiarity with them and the doctor's office in general.

This was like all the appointments before, except I flew solo.  Mark was working nights, so he stayed home to go to bed and I woke up to go to the doctor's before heading off to work.  I checked in with the friendly receptionist (its the same one every time) and then waited about five minutes for the tech to call my name.  Then I got weighed before being led down the labyrinth of hallways to an open room (this is never the same because I am never in the same room twice.  I'm really getting a feel for what all the rooms look like).  There she took my blood pressure, temperature and pulse.  All normal.  She now asked me the infamous three questions of which I responded, "No, no, no" before she even had the first question out of her mouth.  By the way if you don't remember, the three questions are:  Are you having any pain?  Any sudden loss of fluids?  Any bleeding?  After inputting the info on the paper chart and then in the computer (I love the double back up system of having it in two places because all I need is the day I give birth for the computer system to crash and them not being able to access any of my records), she left and the doctor came in five minutes later.

I really like my doctor a lot.  She is a three year resident, funny, nice, sensitive, punctual and a great listener.  I am sincerely glad to have her as my guide throughout this entire experience.  She had a first year resident with her today, who just so happens to be due three days before me.  I know some people freak all out about residents examining them, but frankly they have to learn somewhere.  I'm all for helping someone learn and I actually feel safer because everything they do has to be ran by someone else first, thus there is a fail safe in case they screw up.  You don't get that with regular doctors.  If they screw up, you're done for.  If a resident screws up, you hope the supervising doctor will catch it.  At least that's my viewpoint on it.

My doctor introduced me to my backup doctor, who basically is just there in case she can't make it to the delivery.  I'm really hoping that doesn't happen.  He seems nice (yes it is a man).  I'm suppose to make my next appointment with him, so I can get to know him a bit better in case he so happens is the one who gets to make himself familiar with my private parts.  Again hoping that doesn't happen.  She had the intern find the baby's heartbeat (a healthy 130) and then did the tape measure thing again to measure the height of the uterus (right where it should be).  She ended the appointment by telling me that my glucose test was fine (remember that hellish experience from a month ago?  I do), but that she wants me to do one again at 28 weeks (when most people have theirs done - I had my first one early since diabetes runs in my family and I'm overweight).  I think my jaw almost hit the floor.  I don't want to drink that nastiness again, but she wants to make sure that my metabolism hasn't changed.  Honestly, I think she doesn't believe that I'm not a sugar fine.  I know I'm fat, but I actually eat pretty healthy.  I'm not surprised that I don't have diabetes, but I think she was.  Thus, I have to face the horror of the nasty flat orange soda concoction again in three weeks.  Joy to me!

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