Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My New Worst Enemy

is a lovely thing called leg cramps that decide to attack me in the middle of the night causing me to wake up in horrific screams of pain.  You would think I was being stabbed to death or at least that is what Mark thought the first time he experienced my sudden painful wails.

There I am peacefully sound asleep when suddenly I feel as though my entire calf is being eaten alive by a gigantic crocodile.  It hurts, it hurts real bad. And there's nothing I can do it stop the pain.  If Mark is home (he was working nights, so he missed quite a few of these painful episodes), I thrust my leg out at him, usually kicking him, screaming, "Rub it, rub it."  He will groggily obey, but I think more so out of a desire to go back to sleep than out of  a real empathy of what I am going through.  The rubbing hurts like h e double hockey sticks, but the cramp usually dissipates.  When Mark isn't home, I curl up in a ball and cry until it goes away.

Always the researcher, I've read about some exercises you can do and that pointing your toes downward can help alleviate the pain, but frankly that's crap.  Nothing really works and so at least twice a week, I wake up from the dead of sleep in a full spasm of pain.

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  1. Hi Heather,
    I experienced awful leg cramps as well during pregnancy. I read somewhere that bananas help because of the potassium. I would have a banana before bed and have hubby rub my calves before bed too. Also a bath before bed to help relax the muscles. Good luck and hang in there!