Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Final Third

On Monday, September 26th, I hit 28 weeks, which official marks the beginning of the third trimester.  I'm in the final third of the adventure and I have to admit, I was quite escatic about it.  There is something finalizing, overjoying, calming in fact that in ten to fourteen weeks, our baby will be here. 

I even carried that joy with me to the lab where I had to do my second one hour glucose test.  Even though my first glucose test came back negative, the doctor still wanted me to do another one to make sure that I don't have gestational diabetes.  I only took work off till 9:30am, so I got to the lab at 8am (this let me sleep in an extra half hour than I normally get too).  I got the nasty, vile drink from the lab lady and then I sat down to face my doom.  An elder gentleman (Early 80s) was sitting next to me and as I began to chug down my drink, he cheered me on with a "Go girl, go.  That's the way to do it."  It was quite nice to have a cheering section and I managed to get this one done even faster than my first test.  Once I consumed the toxic orange substance, I now had to sit and wait an hour for my blood to be drawn. 

Thankfully the lab at Travis is always busy, so I had lots of people watching to do.  A huge class got let out and around forty airman invaded the lab area to get their blood drawn.  This would have pissed me off if I had checked in after them as active duty get jumped to the front of the line, which would have increased my waiting time, but since I had already drank the ickiness and thus was guaranteed a spot in an hour, I enjoyed the people watching opportunity.  They provided enough entertainment that the hour went by quickly and I was able to get my blood drawn by a super efficient gentleman who hit the vein on the first try (this is a rarity).  I then made my way to work, still feeling quite joyful about the fact that my baby would be here before I knew it.

Once the joy subsided, the panic began to set in.  I went from only 12 more weeks, to omg only 12 more weeks!?!  There is still so much to get done and my perfectionist self began to take over.  The baby's room still needs to be finished, the crib put together, we still need to buy tons of stuff, stuff in the house needs to be completed, etc.  The list goes on and on and on.  Some of this stuff doesn't need to be completed before the baby comes, but I would feel a while lot better if it was.

Hence, I am now in overdrive mode.  My 100 plus item to do list will be accomplished by the time I hit 37 weeks.  I better get my booty moving.

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