Saturday, October 8, 2011

And this is the question my husband decides to ask

"So how does the baby poop right now?" 

Right in the middle of dinner this is what comes out of my husband's mouth.  Although my nauseousness has pretty much subsided in the last two weeks, it was brought right back up with that comment.  As I pushed my up to that point yummy avocado, cheese, mushroom and tomato burger away, I looked at Mark to see if he was kidding or serious.  I was hoping for the former, but found him in the latter mood.

I decided to give him a real answer since this was obviously a real question for him.  I went into an explanation of the blood system and the umbilical cord and  meconium and all of that technical stuff.  I think I did an awesome job explaining the whole process and was quite proud of my knowledge of the baby's digestive tract.  Mark didn't think I did such a great job explaining because his next question was, "So what the poop is just swimming around with it in your tummy?"

AHHHHH did he not hear what I had spent the last five minutes explaining!  At this point I just said, "No, they haven't pooped yet.  They don't poop in the way you think of poop."  That seemed to satisfy him as he went back to eating, my dinner on the other hand was done.

I have a real hunch that Mark is going to love the book "Everyone Poops."  Maybe I should go out and buy it now so he has time to process it before the baby gets here.

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