Monday, August 22, 2011

I Finally Feel Pregnant

I am 23 weeks along today and let me tell you, I finally feel pregnant.  I'm not so sure if that is good thing.

Although I am overjoyed at being pregnant, I could do without the sickness, the heartburn, the inability to sleep due to the constant kicking of the baby and the feeling of being fat.  I have never once before had heartburn.  I freaked out the first time I experienced it, telling Mark that I thought I was dying because my heart felt so funny.  Being a pro at heartburn, Mark informed me that I was in fact not dying, but simply had a case of heartburn.  Simply my butt - that stuff hurts!  Although the sickness has diminished in intensity (in fact I have stopped losing weight and gained a pound and a half at my last appointment), I still have a few days a week where I'm just wiped out by nauseous.  And yes I know that I wasn't the thinnest before I got pregnant, but I feel extra fat now.  I just feel larger as my stomach is expanding (Mark commented yesterday, "You actually kinda are starting to look pregnant"). 

As if all of that isn't enough, my now already exhausted being is being kept up all night by my little whippersnapper.  I know they say that babies are more active at night because the constant movement during the day rocks the baby to sleep, but I think our baby is just a night owl.  It seems like our child is turning out more and more like Mark with every passing day.  I guess God figures that if I could handle one of him, I should be able to handle another one like him.  I think God puts too much faith in me.

Despite all of these minor annoyances, I can't express enough how happy I am to be pregnant.  Whenever I am feeling especially bad I just think back to how awful I felt after a miscarriage.  There is nothing that can compare to that, so bring on the sleepless nights, the heartburn, the sickness, as all of that is better than having none of it.

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