Wednesday, December 14, 2011

38 Week Appointment - December 6, 2011

Doctor's office once again. 

Again I went solo.

Again I went through the same routine of getting weighed, getting my blood pressure taken, temperature taken, and asked the same 3 standard questions. 

Again I got to hear the baby's heartbeat (it never ceases to amaze me).

The fundal height was measured again and again it was measuring larger than it should.

Again the baby's position was checked and it's still head down, although curved sideways, hugging the outskirts of my stomach.

The only new thing that occurred was I have now gained 15 pounds in the last three weeks.  15 pounds ?!?  I have gained back everything that I had lost.  I'm not quite sure how that has happened since my eating habits haven't really changed and I'm still sick quite often.  I am swelling quite a lot though.  My wedding ring no longer fits and my feet look like huge coconuts, but the doctor thinks it is just excess water weight (since my blood pressure is fine preeclampsia has been ruled out).  So somehow after doing nothing but losing weight for the last nine months, I'm now gaining it all back in the last month.  Urrrgghhhh.  Just my luck.

I left the appointment and went to make my next two appointments with the appointment lady.  Thankfully she was in her office since its a pain in the rear to connect with her over the phone.  So, I now have appointments for weeks 39 and 40.

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