Monday, December 26, 2011

A Norweigian Christmas Tradition


I can't wait to introduce you to the wonderful world of lefse.  This is something Papeer, your great great grandpa taught your Auntie and I when we were just little kids and it is something that we have been doing ever since.  When we were little, we would just stand by and watch intently as Papeer used his hands to create this magical food.  As soon as we could reach the counter, he put us to work teaching us this wonderful tradition.  At first it was just flipping the lefse on the griddle, but as we got older, he taught us more and more.  In his last year, he finally taught me all the steps needed to make the lefse, which included the mixing and rolling.  Since he died, your Auntie and I have carried on the tradition.  One that one day you will carry on as well.

I was really hoping that you would have been here already to experience lefse and Christmas with us, but you just aren't ready to make your debut yet.  That's year you will get to experience it all and every year as you grow you will learn more and more about our traditions.

I can't wait to teach them to you.

Love Always,
Your Mama

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