Friday, December 16, 2011

39 Weeks and 4 days Doctor Appointment

Another day, another appointment.  Mark was a trooper and got up to go with me even though he has to work tonight.  I left work an hour early and swung by the house to pick him up before we headed over to DGMC.

I checked in and was called back rather quickly for the back-up doctor (remember he is the one who is usually running behind schedule).  I was kind of irritated over this because it didn't give me a chance to people watch, although I know Mark was thankful because he wanted to get back home to sleep some more before going to work.

I was weighed in, and had my blood pressure and temperature taken by the tech.  She left and the doctor came in five minutes later.  He reviewed my chart (everything is fine and going as it should be) before checking my fundal height (its at 40 weeks) and listening to the baby's heartbeat (strong as always).  He then left so I could undress for him to check my cervix.

He came back in and proceeded to check my cervix, which is the first time it has been checked for dilation, etc.  It was quite uncomfortable, which surprised me as I wasn't quite expecting that.  I'm not dilatated at all (but I really didn't think that I was), although my cervix has begun to soften.  I knew that the baby wasn't going to come before my due date (take that all you nay sayers!!!).  The doctor asked if I wanted to have my membranes stripped, but that just doesn't seem right to me.  I'm not God and only he should decide when the baby comes, thus I don't want to do anything that might speed up or slow down the process.

We left the appointment and made it home an hour after we had left.  Not too bad for an appointment. I have another doctor's appointment next Wednesday if the baby doesn't come before then.

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