Friday, July 29, 2011

14 Week Appointment

On June 21st, I had my 14 week appointment.  Although they try to schedule your appointments on the month marks (12, 16, 20, etc), that isn't always possible.  Thus you usually just get an appointment every four weeks, which for me has turned out to be in the midpoint of the months.

Like all the appointments before this, I checked in at the front desk, waited about five minutes and then was called back by a tech (nurse).  I then get weighed (my most unfavorite part as the scale is usually showing more and more weight loss - if I wasn't pregnant I would be juiced by this) and taken to the exam room.  There the tech takes my temp and my blood pressure.  They usually ask a few questions, like if I have had any pain, any sudden loss of fluid, any bleeding.  Then they leave and I wait about five minutes for the doctor to come. 

Once the doctor comes, she looks over the records and makes a comment about the weight loss.  I had lost another 2 pounds at this appointment.  She is super kind and very empathic, which makes me feel very at ease.  She usually reminds me to keep doing all the things I have been doing to stop the nausea.  She prescribed me Zoflan to try and counteract the nausea since I had now begun throwing up a few times a day.  Unfortunately, Zoflan only makes me sicker, so after trying it four times, I gave up on it.

After asking some more questions, she has me lie down on the exam table and pull up my shirt.  She uses a portable Doppler to listen to the baby's heartbeat.  I get butterflies every time I am able to hear it.  After this, I'm free to go.

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