Friday, July 29, 2011

Waiting for the Official Results

That Monday I called DGMF to find out what my next steps should be after having a positive pregnancy test.  Thankfully this was spring break from work, so I was able to call in the morning and didn't have to rush through the phone call.  Like all medical facilities, the wait time to actually speak to a person is often quite long.  The lady took down my information and told me that a nurse would call me shortly to tell me what my next steps were.

Three long hours later, a nurse finally called.  I was told to go down to the lab for a blood test and then was given the long list of stuff to avoid if I was in fact pregnant (Alcohol, smoking, raw fish, unprocessed cheese, cat poop, gardening, etc).  I was also told what to do if I started bleeding or cramping, but I already knew all of that from prior experience.  She said a nurse would call me back after my blood results came back.

After getting off the phone, I jumped right in the car and headed over to the lab.  My excitement had been growing expediently since Sunday morning and I desperately wanted to know if in fact I was pregnant.

I wouldn't get the results till the following Monday after Mark finally had to call and make a ruckus to get someone to call us back. 

When I finally heard the results, I cried.

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