Friday, July 29, 2011

I Just Want to be Surprised

After people find out that I am pregnant, their next question is always, "Do you know what you are having?"  When I inform them that we aren't finding out the baby's sex, they either want to know why or lecture me on why I should change my mind.  Since I haven't gone around to people who have found out the baby's sex and lectured them on why I find that wrong, I find it very irritating and rude that people are constantly doing this to me.

When did finding out the sex of the baby become so important?  I don't know if it because I have lost so many pregnancies or because I am just so traditional, but I honestly feel as though the life of the child should be celebrated over the sex of the child.  I could care less if we have a boy or a girl, just as long as we have a baby that is alive, healthy and well.  I want to concentrate all of my energy on that, not something as superficial as the baby's sex.  Plus this is the only surprise that I will ever get in my entire life.  I can't wait to push the baby out and find out then what the sex of the baby is.  Now that will be a surprise.

People are concerned about how we are going to get the room ready if we don't know the baby's sex.  In my mind, it's pretty easy.  You get neutrals.  Our house is already full of earth tones, which are primarily neutral colors.  Thus, we will pull off of these colors to get the nursery ready.  Besides, I'm not that worried about material things.  Again I want to focus on the life of the baby, not on materialistic things.  I'm okay with boys wearing pink and girls wearing blue.  For me, the color of the clothes means nothing and I find it kinda funny on how concerned some parents get on making sure that people know the sex of their child.  I guess I see it as I know what the sex of my child is, so really what does it matter what other people think.  But, everyone has different opinions on this, which is fine.  I'm just asking for people to respect my decision to be surprised by the baby's sex at the birth.

I mean who doesn't like a good surprise?

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