Friday, July 29, 2011

18 Week Appointment

My eighteen week appointment took place on July 18th.  It was pretty much the same as all the other appointments up to this point.  Mark was able to come after missing the last appointment as he had the day off. 

I lost another three pounds, bringing the weight loss total up to around fifteen pounds.  Mark was super concerned about this and the doctor's concern is growing as well.  Her biggest concern is that I need to stay hydrated enough as dehydration while pregnant is super bad.  I drink a lot of water, as I have completely given up caffeine and soda (although I still do drink Ginger Ale), but I obviously need to make more of an effort to drink water.  Mark is concerned that the baby's health is being affected since I'm not eating.  The doctor wants me to keep trying to get down small amounts of food and is hoping that I won't lose anymore weight between now and my next appointment.  Depending on the amount of weight lost, she may want to try other options.

Besides that everything else was fine.  We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again and were told to make our ultrasound appointment for the 20th week.  (She had told me to make the appointment at my last appointment, but the last three times I have called the August schedule has been unavailable.  After the appointment, we went to try to make the appointment again, but still the schedule is not available.)  The doctor also wants me to do the glucose test either before or right after my next appointment as diabetes runs in my family and I'm overweight.  She really wanted me to do it now, but was afraid I would throw it all up since I am still so sick.  I kinda think she was right about that.

My next appointment is on August 11th and the ultrasound is scheduled for August 1st.

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